Why Virginia Wolff Inc?

Today, Virginia Wolff Inc.  own by Beatriz Mercado is one of Chicago’s top decor and floral design companies. The business has grown over the years to include lavish weddings, charity events, corporate affairs, private parties, and special celebrations of all kinds. Known for her rich floral pieces and stunning decor designs, VWInc  prides on  being meticulous — making sure everything is just right, down to the smallest detail.

Founder Virginia Wolff  began her career thirty something years ago- When a friend asked her to “fill her home with flowers” and the rest is history…

Ask VWInc

Are you available to attend my wedding day?
My crew and I will devote our total attention to each wedding, You will have my undivided attention. You and I will be working together from the very first planning meeting, and I will know every detail by heart and will happily be present the entire day of your wedding, bringing you your bouquet, seeing you down the aisle, directing my talented and kind crew (who has been with me for many, many years).
Do you charge a fee/help with other details as well?
If you would like my help, there is no fee involved, and most often I can and I have assisted our brides in designing not only a centerpiece for their table, but their entire tabletop, and we go on to incorporate the design decor throughout the entire room. I am completely familiar with all the different party rooms in Chicago, their sizes, colors, styles, and have had many years experience enhancing their best features. We will work together until you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your wedding design, as well as the cost.
How do we begin the design process with you?
At your first visit, it is so helpful to see the clippings and fabric swatches you'll bring along with a photo of your dress. We have a huge assortment of wedding photos we have created for our brides, especially in your venue. We will work together and think through every detail so we can produce something rich in style, as well as imagination and beauty
How do we calculate the total cost for my wedding?
We will prepare a proposal itemizing the cost and can include different price points to help you make an informed choice. Should you get new design ideas or change your mind or your budget, revisions can be made to your proposal.
Why me?
Because I love my work! It gives me great pleasure to create the ambiance for a wedding that reflects you--your ideas, your style, your personality. I listen carefully when we talk and you tell me how you want your wedding to "feel"--the colors that make you comfortable, and the flowers that sing to you. I am happy to make suggestions; however, the decisions will all be yours.
Will I see examples of what we've discussed?
After you review and considering the above we will make an appointment to present you with a sample showing of your centerpieces and/or tabletop to be sure you will be pleased with your floral choices.