Edgy and Brilliant: Colorful Wedding Flowers in Chicago

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Edgy-Brilliant-Colorful-Wedding-Flowers-In-Chicago-1We design a lot of sophisticated, traditional weddings and events. The flowers are soft-white and navy with maybe a dust of blush. They are very elegant and we are very proud of them- But maybe YOU’RE JUST NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL!

If that’s the case, why not cut loose and go bright- brilliant even! What a surprise and what fun! We did this recently at a venue in Chicago- a very colorful and unique place to begin with, where a mass confusion of every color you can imagine, and more so. If you are shaking your head now- STOP READING! But if you are curious, maybe a bit intrigued- I’ll tell you all about it!

Edgy-Brilliant-Colorful-Wedding-Flowers-In-Chicago-2We took one look at the room and decided to add more color! We chose red linen with orange napkins (see how the napkins “dripped down” the edge of the table to meet the seat of the chair).

The centerpieces were not your usual “flowers in a lovely vase”. We made square mahogany boxes for them, they were in the brightest colors we could find. Lots of Gerber daisies (we like them because they are always in season) – we cut them short and tucked them into mosses because Gerbs are one of the few flowers that have a back to them. We also need some manzanita twigs to give the arrangement a whimsical look, and a few cymbidium orchids in that magnificent chartreuse color helped harmonize with the moss. You will also notice some hydrangea, berries and solidago.

Edgy-Brilliant-Colorful-Wedding-Flowers-In-Chicago-3I think the guests might have been I bit shocked when they first saw the dinner tables- but knowing their hostess they were not surprised!

There was a blue grass band and specialty drinks (red, of course)

We were thrilled, because as much as we love our elegant and understated clients, it’s really fun for us to let our hair down once in a while, and let our imagination roam free.

At the end of the evening, no one wanted to leave! Now that’s a sign of a great party! You might want to try it yourself!

Venue Carnivale

Flower choices- gerbera daisies, multi-colors, cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea, hypericum berries, and yellow solidago.

Linen-red satin with burnt orange napkins –tabletoppers

Virginia Wolff Inc Team

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