Imaginative Place Cards Tables- Chicago Style

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The placement of the people is important, but the placement of their seating cards is equally important. That’s our job — to create an environment for those cards.

Imaginative-Place-Cards-Tables- Chicago -Style-5Brides (and their mothers) often tell me that one of their hardest tasks is the seating! Which couples will enjoy each-others company, who’s not speaking to whom, and what brave soul to seat next to opinionated and cranky Aunt Mable?

The Escort Card Table plays a very important role in the wedding design. It usually is the first thing people see when they arrive. And as we all know, first impressions are critical! — They can set the tone for the entire event.

We have done an array of different place card tables: some elaborately gorgeous, some to carry out a theme, some funky, and some that just bubbled up from a deep well of inspiration.

Imaginative-Place-Cards Tables- Chicago -Style-2One of our most beloved DIY brides came up with a unique idea of elevating a large open hoop like circle on four tall poles and hanging ribbons in various colors and widths from it with the alphabetized place cards pinned onto the ribbon. Guests walked under and through this colorful folly in the garden at Galleria Marchette on a gorgeous, sunny day with the ribbon streamers fluttering in a lovely soft breeze.

One wedding at Chicago City Winery had a fanciful grapevine tree, covered with heavy clusters of real grapes “growing” out of the mossy, green base on the table. The cards were placed beneath its spreading branches.

It’s always fun to just stop people in their tracks with “drop dead” beautiful floral pieces! One that we did at the Drake Hotel was complete with cascades of candles and crystals and the ever popular hydrangea.

Imaginative-Place-Cards Tables- Chicago -Style-3We got very fanciful for a benefit gala that had a Singapor theme, centered on the image of the historic Raffles Hotel. A whole collection of bird cages hung in front of a mirror greeted guests to this party as they picked up their cards. These design ideas are so much fun for you, and they come from your input, and the vision you have for your day. We can’t wait to start imagining the next one! Who knows! — It could be yours!


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