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The day of the cute little girl dropping petals from her basket is pretty much over. Most churches won’t allow it and besides, aren’t we all looking for something new? Here are a few ideas. Ask your florist to design a halo forTrendy-Flower- Girls- What’s -New-What’s-Adorable-Chicago-Styles-3 her head – she’s an angel isn’t she? We make them out of a wired ivy ring with tiny flora bunda roses and sometimes baby’s breath twined in. Instead of a basket, give her a little “kissing ball” made by covering a wet center with tiny daisy florets or button pom pons. She can hold it by a pretty satin ribbon. We proudly gave one of these to a little girl just before her trip down the aisle. She took it and delightfully said, “Cool, a ball!” and threw it on the floor! Needless to say she was a bit too young for the job.

PERSONALS 001 - CopyA word to the wise at this point. There is a rule of thumb in the wedding business – no one under the age of five! The little ones don’t really understand what it’s all about and tend to balk when they see so many eyes fixed upon them as they enter the aisle.

Some children are thrilled to be in the spotlight. We gave one an arm load of tiny tied bouquets and she went down the aisle happily handing them out to various well-chosen people who had aisle seats. It was adorable!

Trendy-Flower- Girls- What’s -New-What’s-Adorable-Chicago-Styles-2Another trendy flower girl “prop” is the “magic wand” topped with flowers and flowing with narrow ribbon streamers.

If petals are allowed, we sometimes give the little one a basket made entirely out of flora bunda roses. This steals the show and it doesn’t hurt to have an angelic child to carry it.

As long as we’re discussing flower girls, let’s give a minute to talk about ring bearers. Instead of the satin and lace pillow, let’s give him a pillow completely covered with daisy pom pons. We can tie a novelty gold ring to the center. I’ll never forget one wedding I did where the mom gave her son, a very serious and obedient four year old, the ring pillow, and cautioned him, “to hold onto it and not give it to anyone”. He stood and patiently waited until it was his turn to walk down the aisle. Then when the time came, hTrendy-Flower- Girls- What’s -New-What’s-Adorable-Chicago-Styles-6e walked perfectly, and stood quietly until the minister asked him for the pillow (it had the real rings on it!). Well, you guessed it – he wouldn’t part with it! And he went screaming back down the aisle screaming, “Mommy, mommy,”  clutching the pillow tightly with both arms. Really, no one under five, and have a rehearsal accompanied by a nice educational conversation. Children in weddings – we love them, but we’re always braced for the unexpected.


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